Chicago Helicopter Experience: Nighttime Tours

Looking for things to do in Chicago once the sun goes down? The Windy City shines differently at night, and it’s something every local and visitor should see. However, no rooftop bar or skyline restaurant can provide the same magical views as Chicago Helicopter Experience at night. Regarded as the ultimate way to see Chicago’s beauty, a helicopter tour from above can create the perfect romantic evening, the ultimate special occasion, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a tourist’s first visit to the city. It’s impossible not to fall head over heels in love with Chicago when you see its twinkling city lights from above at night.

See Chicago Shine

There’s something inherently romantic about Chicago when the sun goes down, and those who take Chicago Helicopter Experience nighttime aerial tours get a chance to see the after-dark charm differently than any other tourism location in Chicago. Your expert pilot will take you over the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan, north to the historic lights of Wrigley Field, then back south above the glimmering city lights that appear to go on for miles. The ideal start to a perfect date or a memory your family will cherish from your trip to Chicago forever, Chicago nighttime tours always offer a big dose of magic and charm.

The Ultimate Thing to do at Night in Chicago

Seeing the Windy City in daytime is undeniably impressive, but the nighttime tours in Chicago give an entirely different feel. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view Chicago’s iconic skyline as you see it in the brochures and travel magazines. Instead of simply standing on a rooftop terrace, you’ll be coasting above the city’s most legendary landmarks and historic sights, watching them shine as they have for decades.

The magical nighttime tour experience is ideal for a special occasion, and we encourage you to make your night in the sky an unforgettable one. In fact, we can arrange photographs, video, music and non-alcoholic beverages for those hoping to make a romantic evening, or even a proposal, truly out of the ordinary. Contact us before you make a reservation, and we can help turn your nighttime tour into a special private flight.

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Nighttime Tour Details

Nighttime tours take off once the sun has gone down and the city’s lights have started to shine. You should arrive at our private heliport in downtown Chicago at least 30 minutes before your scheduled flight. We are located just minutes from the Loop. Your experience will last 45 minutes with fifteen minutes of flight time above Chicago’s famous city lights. During your visit, you’re welcome to explore our 6,000-square-foot Customer Experience Center to learn more about the city before you take to the skies.

Nighttime tours operate Wednesday through Sunday in all seasons, which means you can see the city lights late on a warm, summer night or even more vibrantly with the colors of the holidays in winter. Whichever time of year you choose, your nighttime helicopter tour of the city is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Nighttime Tour Cost

The Chicago nighttime tour cost is $178 per person. Private tours can also be run at night to make your special occasion or romantic evening even more magical for a slightly higher price. Contact us or click “Book Now” to set your unforgettable night in the lighted skies of Chicago in stone.

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