Shop Our Apparel Below to Help Chicago's Small Businesses

All Proceeds Benefit Chicago Helicopter Experience Employees and The Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund

A letter from our Founder & CEO:
These are uncertain and challenging times we are all facing.  In what seems like an instant everything we have worked for has come to a halt. It was my team who helped me bring my vision to life and create this incredible company. I am working to ensure that I continue to take care of them when it matters most.
We are not alone, small businesses all across the city are facing the same challenge we are and they are struggling to find their way through. All small businesses, their employees, and all of the residents of this great city make it what it is. We Are Chicago.
This is the inspiration behind our new "We Are Chicago" T-shirt design and the reason why we have decided the proceeds from all flight and merchandise sales will benefit Chicago Helicopter Experience employees and the Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund. Please help us keep Chicago's small businesses alive, we are all in this together.
Thank You,
Trevor Heffernan
Founder and CEO
Chicago Helicopter Experience

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