Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago is known the world over for its pizza and politics. Also synonymous with the city are art and architecture, culture and Capone, music and museums, and more.

No single element, event or icon can define Chicago, which likely explains why the city annually welcomes more than 52 million visitors. There are attractions and restaurants to suit every taste. There are parks and beaches and skate parks for outdoor activities, and shopping venues and theaters and music halls for indoor experiences.

There are even multiple ways to view the city: via boat, bike and bus tours; helicopter tours that make you feel a part of the magnificent skyline; and even walks along the 18.5-mile path adjacent to Lake Michigan.

If you are planning to visit Chicago, a travel guide will help you get the most out of your journey. The city has more than 5,000 restaurants, more than 250 theaters, more than 50 museums and more than 125 art galleries — plus festivals, sporting events and more — so no guide can cover every option. The travel tips in the accompanying guide do outline some typical logistical costs and some ways to save a few bucks, while also supplying some travel hacks and recommendations for some of the top sites to see and things to do during your visit to the Windy City.