Our Story

Above Chicago. Beyond Amazing.

We are Chicago Helicopter Experience. Chicago’s one and only FAA certified helicopter tour and transportation company. With our own heliport and fleet of luxury helicopters that seat up to six people, we go above and beyond to create the most amazing experiences for all our guests.

That experience begins the moment you contact us. Our customer experience agents will handle every aspect of scheduling your flight and ensuring it is everything you want it to be. Our private heliport — the only one in Chicago — is just minutes from the Loop and has plenty of free parking.

Your Experience

Inside our flight center, our crew will check you in, take you through our safety briefing and escort you to the helipad where, after we take a souvenir photo, we’ll help you aboard one of our luxury helicopters. Then… lift off! And the experience of a lifetime begins. There’s no better or more unique way to see Chicago than by helicopter. There’s no better way to do it than aboard a luxury helicopter with Chicago Helicopter Experience.

Our Back Story

Chicago native Trevor Heffernan founded Chicago Helicopter Experience in 2011. A graduate of Western Michigan University, where he played hockey, Trevor returned to Chicago after graduation and became a commodities trader. A family guy at heart, Trevor spent a lot of time at his grandparents’ farm far north of Chicago — and a lot more time on the road driving to and from it. Frustrated by the wasted time but reluctant to miss family events, Trevor did the natural thing… he became a helicopter pilot and bought his own helicopter.

The Beginning

As he began flying himself, family, and friends around the Chicago area, he realized two important things: first, that there was nowhere to land his helicopter in Chicago. Second, that seeing Chicago from above was a truly an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience. Most importantly, no one was doing it commercially. From that insight, Chicago Helicopter Experience was born.


Trevor got to work and started flying tours out of Chicago Executive Airport while he was planning, developing, and building the downtown heliport. In May of 2015, Trevor opened the Chicago Helicopter Experience Heliport — the only one in the city — along the south branch of the Chicago River. In just a few years, Chicago Helicopter Experience has grown exponentially. We currently employ over 40 people and boast a fleet of 5 state-of-the-art helicopters. To date, Chicago Helicopter Experience has flown more than 60,000 amazing experiences above Chicago — and we’re just getting started.